If you love figs, you will love this vinegar.  The fresh, all-natural, full-pulp flavor is wonderful on salads with shaved Reggiano cheese, with blue cheese and - of course - drizzled over fresh figs.
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A simple green salad may be eaten with or after the main course in Italy.
With the addition of cheese, seafood, chicken, or eggs, a green, pasta,
or grain salad may be served as a main course.
Salad Greens
Seafood Salad
This Italian seafood salad is filled with the flavors of the sea.    It is wonderful dinner entrée on a warm summer evening.  Seafood salad can also be served as part of a tradtional Christmas Eve dinner.
Salad Greens
Find out about the  4 types of lettuce and variety of different salad greens to choose from when making a tossed salad.

Salad Greens  >>
Homemade Salad Dressings
Homemade Salad Dressings
Making your own salad dressing is convenient and less expensive than buying bottled dressing.  Here are 24 homemade salad dressing recipes, including vinaigrettes and creamy salad dressings.

Salad Dressing Recipes  >>
Italian Green Salads
Burrata Salad
Leafy green salads with Italian ingredients, such as burrata cheese, grilled escarole salad, arugula and figs, spinach salad with prosciutto, roasted beet salad, and more ...

Green Salad Recipes >>
Tuna, Broccoli, and Olive Pasta Salad
Pasta Salads
Pasta salads are great for summer cook-outs, picnics, and simple family meals but they are wonderful, satisfying dishes year-round.

Pasta Salad Recipes  >>
Potato Salads
Potato salad recipes include classic potato salad, salads with roasted potatoes, deviled potatoes, sweet potatoes, a warm potato salad, a caesar-style potato salad. and Sicilian potato salad with green beans.

Potato Salad Recipes  >>
Farro and Shrimp Salad
Rice and Grain Salads
Rice and grain salads are easy to cook, taste good, and can be prepared a day or more in advance.  They are nice for a light lunch or dinner or as a side dish.

Rice and Grain Salad Recipes >>
Farro Salad Recipes  >>
Summer Dinner Salads
Summer is the perfect time for serving dinner salads. Dinner salads are a great way to use up leftover chicken or steak.  Here are 5 of our favorites.

Dinner Salad Recipes  >>
Panzanella - Bread Salad
Panzanella is a bread salad from Tuscany.  It makes a nice main course salad or can also be sevred as an antipasto.

Panzanella Recipe  >>
Giardiniera (pronounced jar-din-AIR-a) is a crunchy mix of pickled vegetables which usually include cauliflower, carrots, and peppers.  It may be eaten anpart of an antipasto platter or as a side salad with or on a sandwich.

Giardiniera Recipe  >>
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1.  When making a salad, check what is on sale and what looks best at the market.  Almost all salad recipes can be modified to incorporate different ingredients.

2.  Add some crunch to your salad with sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, cooked bacon, toasted nuts, or French fried onions.  Add them right before serving so that they stay crunchy. 

3.  Don't be afraid to substitute low fat ingredients in most salad recipes.  Low fat sour cream, mayonnaise, and plain yougurt can be used in most recipes with excellent results.
Calamari Salad
Italian Christmas Eve Salads
Valentine's Day Salads
This 4.7 quart container with a sealed lid that will keep your salads fresher longer. It can also be used to store fruits and  vegetables.
Crunchy homemade croutons add richness and texture to salads, soups, and pasta.
Use a crusty, Italian (or similar) bread that is a day or 2 old.  You only need to use a few slices. Cut the slices into cubes; you can make them as large or small as you like.  Slice a garlic clove into 2 to 3 pieces.

Coat the bottom of a skillet with some olive oil and add the garlic slices.  Heat the skillet over medium-high heat.  When the garlic starts to sizzle, add the bread cubes. Stir them once to coat the cubes with the oil and then just allow them to cook. Turn them occasionally so that they brown evenly on all sides, about 5 to 6 minutes.  Add more oil if the skillet gets too dry. Remove and discard the garlic slices when they start to brown.

Transfer the croutons to a plate and sprinkle them lightly with grated Parmesan cheese.  You can serve them with a salad immediately or allow them to sit for up to 30 minutes. 

You can also make the croutons in the oven.  Cut the bread into cubes, toss with some olive oil, place on a baking sheet, and bake in a 400 degrees F oven until crisp, about 8 minutes.
Winter Salads
Winter Salads
These salad recipes feature vegetables and fruits are are more commonly available in the fall and winter months. 

Winter Salad Recipes  >>
Neapolitan Christmas Salad
Neapolitan Christmas Salad
Sometimes fennel can be a little difficult to slice thinly because of its shape.  For best results, use a mandoline.
Grilled Salmon Cobb Salad
Grilled Salads
If you’re looking for something lighter, healthier and tastier than typical grilled fare, then think about cooking up a salad on the grill.

Grilled Salad Recipes  >>
Caesar Salad with Grilled Shrimp
Favorite Lunch Salads
These delcious lunch salads will have you looking forward to the midday meal as one of your favorites.

Favorite Lunch Salad Recipes  >>
Greek Quinoa Salad
Quinoa Salads
Delicious salads with quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) which is a gluten-free, high-protein, high-fiber, quick-cooking whole grain with a nutty flavor.

Quinoa Salad Recipes  >>
Scungilli Salad
Scungilli Salad
A refreshing salad with a lemon, garlic and fresh herb dressing ... shrimp or other seafood may be substituted for the scungilli.

Scungilli Salad Recipe  >>
Salads with a romantic theme for Valentine's Day or any special occasion,

Valentine's Day Salad Recipes  >>
This zesty cauliflower salad is commonly served in Neapolitan homes during the Christmas season.

Neapolitan Christmas Salad  >>
A variety of seafood salads that can be added to a Christmas Eve menu or served throughout the year.

Christmas Eve Salad Recipes  >>
You may notice that I mention that the garlic in some of the salad recipes may be minced or grated.  Somtimes minced or diced garlic does not work well in a salad because you end up with much too large pieces.  My favorite tool for grating garlic is a microplane rasp.  Grating the garlic on a rasp gives it a pureed texture that blends right into the dressing.  You get the wonderfu garlic flavor without biting into pieces of it.  With a rasp you can also take the tasty zest off citrus fruit, leaving the bitter pith behind.
An introduction to the reasons for including juicing in a healthy lifestyle, details on different types of juicers, and descriptions of the health benefits of different fruits and vegetables.
Taste of Summer Salad
Cole Slaw Recipes
Our favorite cole slaw recipes can be served at summer picnics or year-round family dinners.

Cole Slaw Recipes  >>
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Imported from Modena, Italy, these versatile raspberry sweet vinegars are perfect for salads, marinades, glazes and as a dessert compliment.  Using 20% pure raspberry fruit juice brings a sweet distinguished taste unlike any other.
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