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Important Notice to all Visitors and Friends:

This is a very bittersweet moment for me but I have decided to take down my website, mangiabenepasta.com, after  22 years.  When I first started the site in October of 2001 I never would have imaged that I would have kept it going for so long.  I was a true novice when it came to website building and I have learned and grown so much along the way.  Although  I have truly enjoyed posting recipes and getting feedback from visitors, there are a number of factors that are making it more difficult to maintain a website. Government regulations, constantly changing affiliate requirements and advanced technology in general are just a few issues.  It is also now too difficult to compete with large companies as to search result placement.  So my friends, if there are any recipes on my site that you like, please make copies of them before the end of this year.  It will take me awhile to notify everyone of my intentions but the website should become inactive early in 2024.  If you were a regular visitor to my site over the years and helped me to maintain it by clicking on ads and making purchases through my affiliates, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  If there are other small business websites that you enjoy, I encourage you to support them to help keep them online.

Sandy Laux