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How to Make Pasta Dough With Herbs Embedded
Pasta Dough with Parsley Embedded
Pasta Dough with Parsley Embedded
Adding fresh herbs to pasta dough is a wonderful way to add flavor.  But when you embed the herbs into
the dough you are also creating a beautiful-looking pasta.  You can create a wide range of patterns or
simply scatter the herbs over the sheets of dough.  Any herb that has a thin flexible leaf may be used. 
Basil, chives, sage, or parsley are just a few example of herbs that embed well.  Rosemary, with its stiff
needles, would not be suitable because they would tear the pasta as it is being rolled out. 
Use a Basic Egg Pasta Dough recipe.
Begin by rolling out a strip of dough to a thickness of
about 1/16 inch. The rolling may be done with a rolling
pin or a pasta machine. With a rolling pin, a little more
effort is required. Arrange the herb leaves on the dough
in any fashion that you desire.
Place a second thinly rolled strip of dough on top;
press dough firmly. In order for the herbs to
adhere properly the dough must be very fresh. If
the dough begins to dry out, mist it with a little
Carefully roll both sheets of pasta through the pasta
machine or with a rolling pin.  The rolling process will
stretch the herbs as they are being embedded into the
dough (that is why it is necessary to use herbs with
flexible leaves.)  The pasta may tear a little but you
can eliminate the tears by cutting them off later when
you create the noodles.  Place the pasta sheet on a
lightly floured surface.
Use a sharp knife or pastry cutter to cut the dough into
large squares or wide noodles. The perfect way to serve
this pasta is in broth or with a simple sauce.  A clear
chicken or beef broth or butter sauce will not hide the
herbs in the dough.
Examples of Other Embedded Herbs
Pasta Dough With Basil Leaves Embedded
Pasta Dough with Chives Embedded
Pasta Dough With Basil Leaves Embedded
Pasta Dough with Chives Embedded
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